Footstools, puffs, tables

Footstools, puffs, tables

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Footstools, puffs, tables - Tapizados Doñana
Footstools, puffs, tables - Tapizados Doñana

The furniture is a point of distinction for any home, hotel, office or restaurant . It can become the perfect presentation card for a space, providing a special touch thanks to the decorative, unique and personal style with which it has been created. In Tapizados Doñana we know a lot about it after more than three decades dedicated to the sector.

Within this section we will highlight a specific type of furniture, very common in shared rooms such as: banquettes, poufs and customizable tables . These components, in addition to being very versatile in terms of design and having multiple options of use, are created, especially to make life a little more comfortable, maintaining the function of setting private spaces or spaces open to the public

Do not limit the imagination: with the manufacture of sidewalks, poufs and personalized tables you will have infinite possibilities

In Tapizados Doñana we are manufacturers of sidewalks, poufs and customized tables. It is our specialty the manufacture of versatile furniture to place in any space or place. Our work, being handmade, can adapt to the demands of each client.

In addition, we can distinguish each piece of furniture by personalizing its size, color, finish, reinforcement and using different materials for the upholstery, all of them maintaining a proven quality.

Within the range of furniture for relaxation we find the poufs : small seats, different from each other, but with certain common characteristics. They have no support, they are very easy to move and their design can also be very varied,

On the other, there are the tables low, whose functions can also be diverse. Nor should we forget the banquettes , which have similar characteristics of both the poufs and the tables.

That the space of a room or room does not limit

The possibilities offered by this furniture are endless . You just have to give free rein to the imagination and visualize what is wanted and what is needed.

They can have legs, like the bench models Beatriz or Esther ; or lack them, such as the Helsinski pouffe, available through our catalog . Everything will depend on the idea you have in mind.

The style does not have to be at odds with comfort. What’s more, with a few poufs we will be able to create a comfortable, comfortable and youthful space , without losing the personality that the chosen model grants. But if what you want is to give a more classic touch to a specific space, you can always choose classic models of banquettes , such as Isabella or Natalia , for example .

Those spaces and rooms that little communicated or said nothing, will now become, thanks to the presence of these elements, in areas full of life where you can have a coffee, read a book or simply rest.

Maximum utility in small spaces

The usefulness of the customized poufs, benches and tables make this furniture something necessary in any room. In some rooms they are used as simple seats , but can also be converted into small storage spaces. Its interior space gives us the possibility to store objects.

This furniture maintains the main function for which it was created: to become small places to sit. But not for that, they stop being practical and decorative . They thus become an ideal resource for any type of cabin. Your adaptability is maximum.

The ideal way to provide a space of your own personality is choosing the right elements and accessories to a line of style to follow.

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There are models that, being of low and padded legs, like the models of Cracovia and Iceland , become a first option where to place, above, those common items of a room, like any blanket necessary keep on hand in cold weather.

They can also serve as a footrest to place the press on or as a place to make a small stop at a time that we could devote to personal reflection.

Both poufs, stools and small tables are the ideal size to be enjoyed in any room. You will not need to place it in a fixed place, as it can happen with large tables or cabinets, but they are much more versatile.

Varied styles that can be combined with other furniture

In our catalog of manufacture of customizable upholstered poufs, stools and tables you can find models of a multitude of styles:

The Sabino model is an example of a modern pouf. It is a piece of furniture that can be adapted to any type of environment. It also stands out for being comfortable and rigid, perfect to find a posture that does not cause discomfort to the back.

If you want to give a retro and vintage touch to that space that requires it, there are numerous banquettes, pouffes and low tables that are similar to these trends. We recommend taking a look at the Cubico or New York models, which maintain a design line where right angles proliferate.

It may be the case that a type of more modern and avant-garde furniture is required. To cover this need, we have several that follow an innovative decorative line, as is the case of the Helsinski model.

This type of furniture is also very useful to decorate spaces belonging to offices, restaurants and hotels . Tables such as Pissa or Grazalema are designed to be played anywhere in the building. In a hall, in a room, in a garden or on a terrace or outside area … In short, you can turn any nook into a large hall or room.

At Tapizados Doñana we are at your service. You can make any informative consultation or comment on any idea that you have in mind: we will assist you in a personal way to give a satisfactory solution.


Se ha recibido un incentivo de la Agencia de Innovación y Desarrollo de Andalucía IDEA, de la Junta de Andalucía, por un importe de 53.208€ de la subvención, para la realización del proyecto CORTADORA DE ESPUMA DE FORMAS AUTOMÁTICAS.




An incentive has been received from the Andalusian Innovation and Development Agency IDEA, of the Government of Andalusia, for an amount of €53,208 of the subsidy, for the realization of the AUTOMATIC SHAPE FOAM CUTTER project.