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We are updating our online catalogue, meanwhile, you can see the interactive catalogue of Tapizados Doñana.

Sofas - Tapizados Doñana
Sofas - Tapizados Doñana

Why not having a sofa according to your requirements? We are dedicated to the manufacture of sofas customizable for any company that requests it.

We will agree in pointing out that the star furniture of any shared space is the sofa, being also one of our most requested products.

We have a large catalog of sofas manufactured customizable and upholstered under our brand SIT , whose variants are not only classic, such as dimensions, colors or material with which They have manufactured, but we also offer multiple options in accessories to include.

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For example, we give the possibility to incorporate in our sofas USB mobile chargers , very useful for work areas, offices or public rooms.

We maintain models with traditional lines of design , but without forgetting those more daring, avant-garde or modern cut . Both of them can be very different from each other, but they all bear the seal of guarantee of craftsmanship and quality represented by Tapizados Doñana.

Customizable upholstered sofas, suitable for any environment

Next, we will show you some variants of sofas belonging to our current catalog, giving you the possibility to choose the piece of furniture that most closely resembles the characteristics you need.

  • Classic style sofa
  • Sofa in modern or avant-garde style
  • Chester sofa
  • Sofa couch
  • Multipurpose sofa: sofa beds
Classic style sofa

One of the most representative models is the Badajoz model, but this is just one of many. It is a sofa that presents simple and elegant lines that combine with any decorative style. In addition, he is serious and sober.

Sofa in modern or avant-garde style

On those occasions that the client needs to create an atmosphere with its own and different style, we have sofas whose design will be defined by the latest trends in decoration.

Those more risky cutting styles, such as the minimalist, avant-garde or modern , are perfectly combinable with other furniture that follows a vintage or retro fashion line. Thus, we present sofas such as New York and Jakarta , with which you can give that touch so demanded.

Other customizable upholstered sofas, which maintain this style but differ, for example, in the legs, are the models Creta or Basilea.

Chester sofa

One of our specialties is the manufacture of customizable sofas retro , those known as Chester. These have a marked air from the British Isles, created with the idea of serving as a place to hold long conversations in the distinguished social clubs that used to frequent businessmen, the “gentlemen”. They are highly resistant sofas, upholstered with the guarantee treasured by Tapizados Doñana.

Also, we have sofas created in different materials and different number of seats or dimensions. A highly requested model is Paris , which keeps the entire class imported from United Kingdom. Another option is the Terry , a valid classic for any waiting room.

Sofa couch

When this type of sofa, the couch, comes to mind, it is natural to think of a psychologist’s consultation, where the patient can spend hours trying to explain aspects of his life to the professional in human understanding. But they have served for all kinds of situations, from being part of public places, such as coffee shops and luxury hotels, or in work spaces oriented to reflection.

It is an ideal solution for small spaces, such as small offices or resting places. Some of our most demanded models, which can be consulted in our catalog, are the Drammen , avant-garde style, or the Moscow couch, whose design lines are so simple that they could fit into any decorative style.

Multipurpose sofa: sofa beds

Who has not ever stayed at a hotel and had to ask for an extra bed?

For these occasions, it is always advisable to have a sofa that, made with the best materials and with an optimal upholstery , can be used, on the one hand, as a classic sofa, but also in a sporadic moment have the functionality to rest placidly.

En Tapizados Doñana contamos con un buen número de opciones de sofá camas, que cumplen con estas características y cuya apertura es variada.

Dentro de los sofás camas de apertura italiana hay que destacar el modelo Toronto, un sofá sencillo y sobrio, que pese a guardar toda una cama en su interior ocuparía un pequeño espacio.

Following a Nordic line design and drawer opening , there is the Biarritz model, a convertible sofa in the simplest way.

But this is not all, you can always look for that sofa you need in our catalog or contact us directly with your needs. We are at your disposal.


Se ha recibido un incentivo de la Agencia de Innovación y Desarrollo de Andalucía IDEA, de la Junta de Andalucía, por un importe de 53.208€ de la subvención, para la realización del proyecto CORTADORA DE ESPUMA DE FORMAS AUTOMÁTICAS.




An incentive has been received from the Andalusian Innovation and Development Agency IDEA, of the Government of Andalusia, for an amount of €53,208 of the subsidy, for the realization of the AUTOMATIC SHAPE FOAM CUTTER project.