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In Tapizados Doñana, as manufacturers of customizable chairs, we use wood as the primary material to carry out our work through techniques learned in a traditional way. In addition, we perfectly combine the ancestral techniques with the use of new tools for carpentry and upholstery of the latest generation.

Thanks to our experience as artisans, we have managed to create an excellent collection of customizable wooden chairs , designed with originality and designed not only to be useful serving as a bench for waiting or work, but also to become an element summation to the decorative style that you want to implant in each room.

The possibilities of creation that the wood allows are enormous. We can customize each of the parts of the chair: backrests, armchairs or legs, adding the different upholstery makes it an indispensable piece of furniture . But always with its respective style, without losing those characteristics for which our firm is recognized in the market: quality in manufacturing, elegance in design and longevity in time.

We have put all the effort and tenacity in completing a cast of chairs with creations of all kinds. Although our universe of chairs and armchairs is multiple and varied, in the following lines, we will summarize those products that can serve as a sample of our work.

Customizable upholstered chairs for each style.

Any environment that we try to create in a common space needs to have special furniture. The chairs are very practical and suitable furniture to maintain the style according to the decoration.

In our catalogue of custom upholstered chairs you will find the style of chair you need, although you can also move through the communication channels we have open for it the idea you have in mind. Your vision will help us to be clear about what you are looking for and to make it a reality.

Our catalogue of custom chairs is unique, designed to give a touch of distinction to any office or home. Here are some examples:
  • Low chairs
  • Elegant and noble court chairs: Sherry chairs
  • Avant-garde chairs
  • Small armchairs
  • For shared spaces: benches
  • Armchairs for any type of environment: the Osborne design line
Low chairs

Feel comfortable with our April model. With a minimalist line, it is a chair whose seat upholstery is striking and not only for its design, but also for its great comfort. It is on the way between chair and armchair , so it is ideal to place it in waiting rooms.

Elegant and noble court chairs: Sherry chairs

This chair is classic, similar to the so-called colonial chairs. It can be combined with furniture of the same style, such as the classic sofa from our Chester range. The finish of the backrest, as well as the ebony color in the finished wood, make this type of chairs a unique piece of furniture of exquisite beauty.

Avant-garde chairs

If what you need is to create a more youthful, carefree or less serious atmosphere, you can count on upholstered custom chairs, but do not lose quality in comfort. Original and modern lines, such as Faro and Harry chair collections, ideal for meeting rooms, work rooms, events or celebrations .

Small armchairs

There are hotels or offices that demand attractive furniture and elegant design with the aim of achieving the greatest possible welfare for their customers in a wait. Sometimes, it is necessary to have slightly larger chairs, with a comfortable backrest and arms that allow a relaxing posture.

In our catalog you can check that we have many small armchairs that would fit perfectly with this definition, such as the models Egypt or Beirut . These two alternatives can be differentiated visually by the way the arms rest on them.

For shared spaces: benches

Finally, it is our intention to show you a larger furniture, but that fits perfectly in certain rooms. In our catalog, these furniture are banks. We have banks available in different sizes, with the number of places being eligible. We also market various models such as the Faro with arms or the Gema model.

Armchairs for any type of environment: the Osborne design line

Among the different design series of our furniture is the Osborne line . Formed by chairs, armchairs and a special piece of furniture: the little sofa.

The Osborne little sofa has a double seat , it is ideal to share a chat with another person or, simply, to make a wait sit peaceful. This little sofa has a reinforcement that makes it a piece of maximum resistance.

On the other hand, the variation of the upholstery is personal. Remember that we finish the furniture to the client’s taste, being the one who chooses the fabric of the upholstery in order to create the finish that he had in mind from the beginning.

In a clear commitment to quality, all our products are recognized in the furniture sector for their robustness and strength. That is why our carpenters work using the reinforcement system known as triple union : spiked, glued and stapled.

Very few structures are as strong as those we use in our chairs. In addition, many of these models are created with rivets and armor buttons that reinforce the upholstery.


Se ha recibido un incentivo de la Agencia de Innovación y Desarrollo de Andalucía IDEA, de la Junta de Andalucía, por un importe de 53.208€ de la subvención, para la realización del proyecto CORTADORA DE ESPUMA DE FORMAS AUTOMÁTICAS.




An incentive has been received from the Andalusian Innovation and Development Agency IDEA, of the Government of Andalusia, for an amount of €53,208 of the subsidy, for the realization of the AUTOMATIC SHAPE FOAM CUTTER project.