Bed headboards, canapes

Bed headboards, canapes

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Bed headboards, canapes - Tapizados Doñana

We can consider the bedroom the ideal area for resting. The rooms of any hotel or home must have a decoration and style of matching furniture to achieve the greatest visual well-being of the guests.

Those professionals dedicated to the original creation of spaces, as interior designers and decorators, take into account that, when deciding how to combine the different elements to design a room, the customizable upholstered headboards are the leading accessories.

At Tapizados Doñana we have set the goal of being able to offer those who trust us a series of benefits that can be transferred to their own users, with the idea of making them feel at home at all times.

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The decoration of a bedroom marks the style of this piece considered the temple of relaxation. But the combination of different elements is not an easy task. How to achieve it? With the manufacture of customizable headboards it is easier.

There are many establishments, such as hotels or residences , which have the need to create a homely atmosphere in their rooms. Being a high demand, it must be met to improve the customer experience.

Manufacturers of bed headboards to match the style of each room

Knowing that rest is a basic necessity for the human being, we believe that any complement related to the bed should be manufactured with attention. Based on this idea, we have become a reference brand throughout Europe.

Therefore, we are used to reflect the essence of the hotel in the decoration of its interiors and, above all, in the style of the room, creating environments with harmony and balance . We give shape from scratch to customizable headboards with the desired upholstery, according to the decoration of the room where the bed will be assigned.

The personalization of the room is not only the possibility of endowing the headboard with certain chosen characteristics, but also of impregnating this same piece of furniture with that decorative style used in the whole room.

Combine our customizable bed headboards with other furniture

Bed headboards, canapes - Tapizados Doñana

Know the many possibilities that we can offer you, as manufacturers of customizable headboards, to combine them with other furniture from our own SIT firm, regardless the decorative style to which they belong.

A useful and versatile complement

Our bed headboards made to measure, of different styles, upholstery and sizes, adapt perfectly to the needs shown by any client.

Types of bed headboard according to your design

We find in our catalog custom upholstered bed headboards with more classic shapes and structures and others much more avant-garde. Regardless of the type. All the headboard models that we commercialize stand out for characteristics such as style and durability.

As manufacturers of custom-made bed headboards, we measure their quality level based on four key factors: elegance, creativity, functionality and comfort.

According to the design, we can distinguish between two lines: modern and classical.

Modern bed headboards

A very demanded collection is the one known as Nordic </ strong>, marked by straight lines and rectangular shapes that help to build the ideal restful atmosphere in a room. Some of the representative models of this section can be the Ávila or the Carmona .

Classic bed headboards

If a room is decorated in a vintage style, we can always complete it with classic style headboards, similar to the colonial style. The most classic headboards have dimensions marked by the bed itself, allowing rest from sight. Classic models are usually upholstered with curved lines.

Some headboard models, such as the Turia and the Rhine </ strong>, belonging to our brand SIT , are a clear example that classic style never goes out of style.


Se ha recibido un incentivo de la Agencia de Innovación y Desarrollo de Andalucía IDEA, de la Junta de Andalucía, por un importe de 53.208€ de la subvención, para la realización del proyecto CORTADORA DE ESPUMA DE FORMAS AUTOMÁTICAS.




An incentive has been received from the Andalusian Innovation and Development Agency IDEA, of the Government of Andalusia, for an amount of €53,208 of the subsidy, for the realization of the AUTOMATIC SHAPE FOAM CUTTER project.